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Homework:  Algebra I With SeminarHomework: Algebra I With Seminar
Trigonometry HomeworkTrigonometry Homework
Welcome Students!

Algebra 1 Seminar

Homework Policy:

Algebra 1:
Homework is graded on completion and will only be accepted, in full, if all work is shown and each problem has been attempted.  Students have 4 opportunities throughout the year to turn in homework 1 day late for full credit.  There are 4 empty squares on the syllabus that I will sign and date as evidence of this.  Outside of these 4 opportunities, no other late work will be accepted.  Homework will be posted daily on this site.  

Homework is "spot checked" one time a week.   

Help Sessions:

I will be available for helps sessions by appointment only.

Any quizzes/tests/projects will be announced on this site.  Look at the appropriate Homework & Assessments page.  

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